Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Spring Break Part I.. Madrid!

My friends and I decided to go to Madrid, Barcelona and Vienna for our spring break... I'd never been to Madrid before but my friends that have studied abroad there told me it was the best! And they were totally right! The weather was beautiful, the people were fun, there were so many cool stores, beautiful plazas and awesome food and sangria! We got to see some friends from SLU and celebrated Cody's 21st birthday which was awesome! Maryn and I spent a lot of time in El Retiro Park, where we rowed the row boats which was really fun (I have pictures!). We went to Plaza de Sol for lunch and Plaza Mayor to hang out in the afternoon. We also went on a bus tour where we saw the Royal Palace, The Bank of Spain, and a LOTTT of statues! Everything in Madrid was so laid back. The food there was TOO good! We ate a lot of Tapas and Ice Cream :) Here are some PICTURES!

mmm lunch :)

a little lunch time entertainment whatsup minnie mouse?


maryn getting her row on!

PLAZA MAYOR! (one of my friends has some great pictures of us and "spiderman" that I'll add later :) )

haha mel...

The Glass Market Fruit! SOO good!


Miss you guys!!! :)

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